Chatton Trout Fishery - Summer 2016 Gallery

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David Bradford

George Taylor's Rainbow

Kevin Hopper

Liam McVittied

Davie Myers Competition

Dougie McCurdo

Gus Skene

Memorial Competitors

Memorial Winners

The Chatton Chasers

Keith Hillary


Amanda Lingwood

Graeme Robbie

Graeme Robbie

Tony Gibbison

Rob Frame

Jim Tuck

Michael Latty

David Traish

Kameron Mosely

Blyth Angling Club

Blyth Angling Club Winners

Richard Lee

Grace and Simon

Grace and Simon

Grace and Simon

Home tied buzzer

Ogle Brown

Paul and Elizabeth

Ryan Rutherford

Kelso British Legion

Alison Anderson

Steve Hirst

John Winkle

Barnados Fundraiser Winners

Barnados Fundraiser

Barnados Fundraiser Prizes

Keith Moorhead


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